Luxury Retro Double Edge Shaving Safety Razor


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Luxury Retro Double Edge Shaving Safety Razor



l Retro double edge razor is made of high quality zinc alloy environmental protection material,rust-proof and washable

l Longer Handle meets the ergonomic design, holding more comfortable and shaving smooth

l  Razor are heavy enough to avoid slip , also have non-slip design on the handle

l Head of razor have protect design,there are protect device in the corner of blades to prevent hurting the skin

l Shaving bowl and brush are matched to use together,bring more convenience to your shaving.


Package Content:

1x Safety Razor

1x Shaving Stand/Holder with two prong

1x Shaving Brush

1x Shaving Bowl

10 x Platinum+ Blades

​2x Blades Storage Box

1x Gift Box

Items will be well packed in cardboard box.



This brush is made of animal hair and may have some animal smell. This smell will fade after several times in use.

Allergies may occur with animal hair brush.

With all genuine animal hair brushes, slight shedding may occur during the first few times in use.












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